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The future of content development

About Headless-CMS?

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1. What is Headless CMS

Headless Content Management System refers to separating the back-end content management from the front-end template and design. Instead of delivering compiled HTML, the headless CMS delivers the content by means of an API. The API driven approach offers advantages over traditional CMS.

The idea of a Headless CMS has been introduced some time ago, but have only recently become the popular approach to handle content across platforms.

CMS: Frontend and Backend

2. When to use Headless CMS

You use Headless CMS when you have a diverse set of targeted platforms that you need a content hub to pull the data from to make it available across the applications.

Using a Headless CMS allows you to decrease the time to market and the launch of applications. It makes the content reusable.

The future of content management

3. Core Benefits of using a Headless CMS

Front-End Freedom: Bring content to any platform (native apps, VR, IoT, etc). Headless CMS allows you to develop with any technology for any platform making your product scalable with great content.

One Repository: It’s not intuitive to copy & paste content for apps across different platforms! Consolidating all of your content within one API minimizes your overhead cost, time, and development resources.

Flexibility: There is no need to teach developers to use an old web template language just to manage content. Work with any modern language stack your team pleases.

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