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Here at CodeControl, our developers are full service providers on the Magento platform.

Full-stack Magento Development Experts

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1. Strategy

With great e-commerce specialists in our team, we know Magento inside out. We’ve worked closely with clients to implement Magento strategies for their business, and believe that it’s a platform that can greatly benefit website usability.

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2. Development & Support

We oversee all steps of the online shop development process: from the initial idea to the final website. Our professionals know custom solutions for an array of industries, including but not limited to: fashion, automobile, electronics, outdoors, and health. Our Magento developers are always ready to help, from regular maintenance to urgent fixes.

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3. Security

Once your website is made secure, it’s important to maintain that surveillance. Technology is constantly evolving, and missing out on security updates may leave your store inclined to attacks. However, if you’ve taken the time to install patch updates, maintaining a happy and successful online store will be simple and easy. Whether you’re using a new or old Magento version, patch updating keeps your retail platform safe and hack-proof.

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4. Creative & Design

Every brand is different. That’s why we work with our customers to create a personalized brief before producing any designs. With this in mind, we’ll deliver a design that corresponds to their brand, and supports healthy conversion rates.

Our designers boast ever-evolving knowledge in e-commerce best practices and customer behavior. They also have extensive development experience, and are able to create websites that are not only e-commerce friendly, but also easy and economical to build.

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