Alexander Dmitriev

Backend Developer

Alex is a versatile software engineer with specializations in DevOps, software architecture, algorithms, and high-performance software. He loves clean code and quickly establishes automatic quality measures in any new project to ensure that standards stay high. In his usual role as team lead, Alex retains a good overview of the project while at the same time digging into any business critical problems that might come up. Alex knows that a well-designed piece of software is a lot cheaper to maintain in the long run and designs his software with that in mind.

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Software Engineer

2015 - 1970

Game Project in a Hackathon

  • - Worked on a game with a team of five in a game creation competition - Created a game that won an award within 48h with more than 200 contestants - Technologies used: C++, SDL2, Emscripten, EntityX

Technical Team Lead

2018 - 2019

International Real Estate Management Service

  • - Took charge of fixing an unfamiliar and ill-maintained code base - Cleaned up, documented and reworked entire code base - Implemented new business needs as they came up - Created testing infrastructure - Found and fixed critical security issues in legacy code - Made project maintainable enough for long-term production use - Met the client's expectations while using modern software components to provide a reliable, yet concise solution - Technologies used: Python, SQLAlchemy, Autobahn, Crossbar, React, Redux, AWS, Docker, Docker Stack

Senior Software Engineer

2017 - 2018

Postprocessing Platform for High-Density Point Clouds

  • - Designed the message queue system for distributing work from the backend application to processing nodes running across multiple platforms - Designed crucial components of the infrastructure and database - Helped implementing the frontend and was responsible for developing the backend and coordinating its development with two other engineers - Technologies used: Typescript, React, Redux, Material UI, Python, C++, Flask, SQLAlchemy

Senior Software Engineer

2017 - 2017

Vulkan Rust Interface

  • - Contributed to this de facto standard library for connecting Rust to the Vulkan Graphics interface - Implemented and maintained important parts of this library and ensured it was operating correctly - Technologies used: Rust, Vulkan, GLSL

Senior Software Engineer

2017 - 2017

High-Performance Point Cloud Server with Real-Time Classification

  • - Analyzed and integrated classification algorithms into the C++ backend application for serving classified point clouds - Configured the application to be suitable for real-time purposes - Technologies used: C++, CROW, Cesium, Javascript

Senior Software Engineer

2016 - 2017

High-Performance BVH Library

  • - Designed the library, implemented and tuned it - This library provided the fastest implementation for Bounding Volume Hierarchies available at the time - It was used in different projects to utilize the acceleration of this highly complex data structure - Technologies used: Rust

Software Engineer

2016 - 2017

Path Tracing Engine

  • - Implemented a high-performance path tracing engine used to visualize industry-grade models and data - Due to its high-performance nature, the engine was capable of providing photorealistic graphics in real time and scaled across large compute clusters - Technologies used: Rust, Vulkan, SDL2, OpenGL, GLSL

Software Engineer

2015 - 2016

Ray Tracing Engine

  • - Investigated modern high-performance rendering techniques and implemented a ray tracing engine capable of rendering arbitrary surfaces - Technologies used: C++, OpenCL, SDL2, OpenGL, GLSL

Software Engineer

2012 - 2014

Compiler Implementation

  • - Implemented a compiler in Haskell for a custom language for educational purposes - Designed an extensible module system and added state-of-the-art code analysis algorithms - Technologies used: Haskell, Linux

Software Engineer

2010 - 2010

Community Platform Server Interface

  • - Designed the interface infrastructure between server applications interfacing with the back-end application - Implemented the interface to the database using Java and PHP to render a statically generated web front-end - Technologies used: Java, PHP, MySQL, Less CSS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Linux



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