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CrypTalk: Ownership, Transparency, Accountability – How Blockchain can disrupt industries, politics and society.

In this series of CrypTalk, together with Martin from Bertelsmann Investment, we will discuss the potential of blockchain to disrupt industries and societies. How much of a hype is made around the technology? How much value lies within it? How much of that value has already been leveraged and how far can it go? Does the technology even have the potential to change the way humans interact?

The past weeks have been rough for the blockchain community; the crypto market crash for sure impacted us all involved in the community. Especially after the bloodbath that happened with that one project that I am sure we all know by now. The massive churn not only impacted particular projects but instead hit almost all across the board of top cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bitcoin has lost over 28 per cent of its price value in the last seven days. For sceptics, this confirms that the entire industry is just a bubble.

So is this it? Are we seeing the end of the blockchain era? What more to come after this? Few believe that we are actually watching a live history of technology transforming business in a disruptive manner. Though a wave of skepticism arises from some people, even more people believe that this is just the beginning of a new technology unfolding its potential. Business owners will likely be forced to develop new approaches to maintain their relevance and competitive edges in respective fields. There are plenty of opportunities to change the entire market for many current industries.

About the speaker:

Martin El-Khouri is a Senior Director at Bertelsmann Investments, a CVC fund network spanning across the European Union, China, and U.S startup ecosystems. He is passionate about all things blockchain, crypto and Web3, and particularly about the disruptive potential on traditional business models. Martin has a background in international relations and geopolitics, and written a number of publications on the geostrategic relevance of the MENA region. Martin is a co-founder of IPS Germany, a German medical tourism provider, and has previously worked as a political consultant and news reporter. As a member of the Global Diplomatic Forum, he is heading the Good Governance Partnership initiative.

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