Virtual Lunch & Learn is a series of virtual peer-exchange sessions for CodeControllers to share their knowledge and insights on tech and freelance topics.

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Data Engineering DevOps with AWS and Python

This technical talk by Frederic Krehl explored the customer needs and pains with regards to data engineering, providing an overview of the methodology of building a low-cost and highly flexible data engineering framework.

Frederic is a data engineer with more than 8 years of experience. Since 2017, he has been leveraging cloud services to generate business value from data. Frederic co-founded Ampel2Go, one of the winning projects of the WirVsVirus hackathon and since the beginning of the last year, he’s been actively freelancing and also a valuable member of the CodeControl community.

Check out the video recording from his Lunch & Learn to better understand:

🚀 How to utilize DevOps best practices - agility, lean methodology and CI/CD to avoid dead ends and generate value fast.

✨ How the Data Zones Model gives structure and consistency to the entire data engineering process.

💡 How to solve customers needs and pains via data engineering framework that offers a production grade, scalable and cost efficient way to produce value from data.

If you enjoyed Frederic’s presentation, reach out and let him know at LinkedIN.

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