Virtual Lunch & Learn is a series of virtual peer-exchange sessions for CodeControllers to share their knowledge and insights on tech and freelance topics.

Virtual Lunch & Learn: How to perfect your freelance profile and attract clients

At CodeControl we recently onboarded Aila Baizhomartova - an experienced professional in the field of human resources, IT recruitment, and HR tech solutions with a passion for psychology and coaching. Aila is working closely with freelancers to help them improve their resumes and attract more clients.

We recently organized a Lunch & Learn session with Aila to share why it’s important for freelancers to have an up-to-date profile and provided some actionable steps on how to improve it.

Dive in the video below to learn:

👀 What clients actually look for in your resume.

⭐ How to apply the CAR/STAR method to describe your achievements in a specific project.

➕ What’s the easy formula that you can apply to show your accomplishments.

🔥 How to write a selling “About Me” section.

If you’re too busy to take notes, be sure to have a look at David Leuliette’s sketchnote from the presentation.

David Leuliette’s sketchnote

Enjoyed Aila’s presentation? Wanna hear more freelance stories? Be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

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