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Virtual Lunch & Learn: Improve Developer Experience with Story Mapping

User story mapping is a valuable framework for software development which boosts understanding with the product development teams resulting in better ideas, priorities and more realistic goals. We were joined by Product Manager Anil Kumar, who shared his experience working for Commercetools - a headless API-first platform for building e-commerce solutions. Anil joined the team as a product manager and shared his challenges and the lessons learned by using remote story mapping with the development team.

Anil Kumar is a Product Manager at Contentful, community builder & prototyper with 11+ years of Frontend product development experience with companies including SAP & Sapient. He has been speaking and writing about rapid prototyping tools as well as running and facilitating prototyping workshops.

In his presentation, Anil provided an overview of story mapping techniques and explained the difference between the customer journey map and story mapping.

Check out the video below to:

  • 💡 Understand how to identify the current pain points of the target users and what type of techniques and tricks you can use.

  • 💡 Find out how you can use story mapping to get a shared understanding about the customer pain points.

  • 💡 How to effectively organize story mapping sessions with the team.

Check out the recording from our Virtual Lunch & Learn event with Anil Kumar.

If you’re eager to learn more about the topic, Anil is recommending the following books at the end of his presentation:

If you enjoyed Anil’s presentation, reach out and let him know at Twitter.

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