Virtual Lunch & Learn is a series of virtual peer-exchange sessions for CodeControllers to share their knowledge and insights on tech and freelance topics.

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Debunking the FTE Myth: Making (Product) Teams Aware of Freelancers' Benefits

During the last Virtual Lunch & Learn session, we had the opportunity to discuss how to get someone to consider booking a freelancer if they’re rather opposed to the idea.

Bertrand Rothen, a Freelance Product Manager & Consultant​ and a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) with 6+ years​ of professional product management and digital marketing experience and Levi Dietrich, experienced freelance Product Consultant with a history 4+ years of working in the real estate, consulting, beverage delivery and E-commerce industries, shared their experience and gave valuable insights how to land product freelance opportunities.

Check out the video below to learn:

  • ✨ When it makes sense for a company to hire a full time product employee and how to get them to consider hiring a freelancer in the other cases.
  • 🚀 How to use consulting selling to understand your potential client’s issues.
  • 🔖 How to add context and value thru sharing your previous experience.
  • 💡 How to make yourself top of mind for potential clients.

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