Webinar: Growing a freelance business that you love!

In our webinar in cooperation with 9am, Kirsty Waite will help you to create the business that you are proud of, the one you know you are capable of. Creating a thriving business that you love doesn’t happen by accident, it takes intention and purpose. Join us to discuss what it takes to build a freelance business you love!

Key takeaways:

  • Learn what you need to know so you can start to build a business that feels good.
  • The three most common mistakes I see business owners making.
  • Three key principles I use to help me and my clients build a thriving business

About the speaker:

Kirsty is the founder and owner of Kirsty Waite Business Coaching. In her coaching role, Kirsty is passionate about helping freelancers and service-based business owners create alignment, fulfilment, and freedom in their business through supportive, step by step, empowering coaching and mentoring programmes.

Kirsty was brought up in a family business, so understanding how businesses work is in her DNA. She then went on to spend almost two decades working in corporate environments, running global teams and getting to know what makes people tick!

Her energy and passion for supporting freelancers and small businesses is contagious, she is a true cheerleader for all of her clients.

Kirsty believes aligned business owners create a happier, kinder, working world where everyone can thrive authentically.

If you want to be part of the webinar:

25 March, 2022

14:30 PM (CET)

Live streaming on 9am YouTube channel

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