Stephan Eckardt

Backend Developer, Full-Stack Developer, DevOps

Stephan is an extraordinary software engineer! Backed with solid and profound computer science knowledge he offers a great deal of hands-on experience with many different programming languages, design patterns and software technologies (most notably Javascript, C++, Networking, Sysops, but also more exotic technologies like Clojure). With his solution-focused attitude Stephan manages to provide robust designs to whatever complex software engineering problem you put him in charge of and due to his great productivity he delivers stable and maintainable code with stunning speed.

United States
Apache Cassandra
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Software Engineer

2018 - 2019

Wintrado Technologie AG

  • - Integration of a new broker backend for their white-label trading application by implementing a GRPC-interface to a proprietary C++-based API, Testing and Deployment - Technologies: TypeScript, GRPC, Protobuf, C++, C#

Software Engineer

2017 - 2018

MeinDach GmbH BMI Group

  • - Integration of a CRM with their web platform scaling to hundreds of leads per day - Integration of a CMS to support their content marketing and internationalization efforts during the rollout of the business to three new countries - Technologies: DevOps, AWS, CI/CD, Ruby, JavaScript, React.JS

DevOps Engineer

2016 - 2017

BCG Digital Ventures GmbH

  • - Work on a customers corporate startup during the innovation phase. Initial setup of their cloud infrastructure - Implementation of a software delivery pipeline and processes according to Agile principles and best practices - Technologies: DevOps, Heroku, CI/CD, Ruby

Software Engineer

2016 - 2016

Ehlert IT GmbH

  • - Design of a scalable, soft real-time trading engine for a Trading game simulation - Technologies: Ruby, Redis, Cassandra, RabbitMQ

Software Engineer

2016 - 2016

Maxdome GmbH

  • - Automation of video transcoding and delivery pipeline for their Video On Demand platform reducing video distribution lead time by the order of a magnitude - Integration of new distribution channels to help increase reachable customers by millions - Technologies: DevOps, CI/CD, Ruby

AdTech Software Engineer

2014 - 2016

MBR Targeting GmbH of Stoer Media

  • - Design and Development of systems used for the companys Real-Time-Bidding operations. Improve Performance and Reliability of Bidding Agent - Industrialization of new bidding strategies. Database design - Technologies: Node.JS, C++, Kafka, Aerospike, Redis, PostgreSQL

Software Engineer

2010 - 2012

OpenProject GmbH

  • - Design and Development for the Open Source Project Management software Redmine - Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, RSpec

Ausbildung & Zertifikate

Bachelor of Science in IT-Systems Engineering

2008 - 2012




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Native or bilingual


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