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Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance: our remote work checklist

Remote work is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, you have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world but on the other, the lines between work and your personal life can easily become blurred.

That’s why we’ve put together our top five tips for keeping your work-life balance in check while working remotely.

#1. Create a Schedule and Routine ⏰

Being a remote worker gives you the freedom to create your own schedule and own it. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can decide when you want to work. Pick the hours you feel most productive and create a structured schedule around those hours. Block off time to complete tasks and schedule time for a coffee break to clear your head.

Having a structured schedule will help limit procrastination and distractions as well as focus your mind on what needs to be done. Don’t forget to schedule in time for fun activities as well!

#2. Turn off business notifications 📱🔨

Remaining connected is an alluring prospect for remote workers. Laptops, mobile phones and tablets make it easier to stay connected even after logging off for the day. This constant connection means remote workers can become work focused and forget about enjoying their own time.

Turn off your business notifications outside your working hours and allow yourself to relax and spend some time doing other activities outside of work. 1 N0iQIcBVKASqZeSWz-GRbQ

#3. Communicate effectively ☎️

Remote workers can often become isolated from their teams, feeling they have to solve all their issues on their own. This leads to work problems invading your personal domain as well.

To overcome this, make sure you communicate effectively with your team. Use communication tools like Slack, Skype and Basecamp to remain connected to your team. Be proactive and open about your communication — if you’re having a problem don’t be afraid to reach out to your team.

Remember, it’s always better to seek help rather before the issue gets out of hand. Plus, your team will always be happy to help you out rather than have you struggle.

#4. Take (Walking) Breaks 🚶

Without the opportunity for a coffee break with your colleagues, it’s easy to remain at your desk all day and sometimes even in the same place all day. Take breaks, get away from your desk, go for a walk, or grab a coffee from your favourite cafe. Schedule time into your day for these breaks to ensure that you take them.

Walking breaks are not only a great way to stay in shape — they have been shown to boost your creativity by up to 60%.

In fact, Steve Jobs, Daniel Kahneman, and Beethoven were all fans of thinking things through on a walking break and taking time away from their desk.

#5. Make time for human contact 👫

Humans are naturally social beings and have a need for connection with others. Tools like Sneek and Google Hangout let remote teams have a constant chat or video stream. These tools let your team have a more natural conversation — just like if you were in the office. They also let you take a break from work and get to know your colleagues in a more personal way. 1 CLTxnbSf28wmPA2haJHc9w

It’s easy for remote workers to fall on their sword and become burned out. With no structure or routine, remote workers can lose their distinction between work and home, allowing work to become their sole focus. While work is important, it is also equally important to have time away from your laptop, to rejuvenate and reenergize. A true master of remote work knows how to balance their hectic schedule with time spent at the beach or exploring the hidden gems of their new location.

Emily O'Connor

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Emily escaped from the Emerald Isle of Ireland to join CodeControl’s digital marketing team in Berlin. She’s interested in AR and VR in advertising and also how technology will impact the future of work.