Remote Hiring

Hire the best talent at a better rate within the timescale you need.

Direct hiring of remote talent, no nearshoring or agency

Why go for Remote Hiring with us?

Get access to a bigger talent pool

Hiring abroad helps you beat talent shortage by dramatically increasing your talent pool to all of Europe, or even the world.

Hire top talent at an attractive rate

Remote experts will work for you at a salary that will seem low to you, but is competitive in their country - both sides win.

Save time with our efficient process, tailored to your needs

We will make sure you find fitting candidates, and you decide which steps of the process you want to be involved in.

Reduce risks with our proven pre-screening process

All candidates presented to you will have gone through our four-step assessment to make sure you get top talent.

How does it work?

We make Remote Hiring painless

How do you want to hire? You decide!

Use the approach that makes sense for you, and get support from us.


Contract directly

Your team member joins you as a contractor, and you handle all the paperwork with them.


Use an Employer of Record

You get the candidate on board as an employee, using our Employer of Record service.


Then please send us a message. We’re very happy to answer any question you may have!