CodeControl community is transitioning to a referral-only entry

Five years ago we undertook a mission to revolutionize the way freelancers work and to enable them to realize fulfilling work in their field instead of focusing on job hunting, chasing payments and legal issues.

Over the last few years we’ve been carefully handpicking top professionals to join our community and we’ve enjoyed working with amazing people from all over Europe that believe in the future of work.

We closed out a challenging 2020 with 719 active community members and a total of 422 open positions on Slack during the year. We successfully launched our Talent Referral & Project Referral programs, confirming our community values and the trust we place in our current members to recommend future joiners. With that said, for the next few months, the CodeControl community is transitioning to a referral-only model which means our focus will be on growing it intentionally and organically based on the recommendations of our talents.


The decision to temporarily transition to a referral-only model is based on our aim to build fruitful relationships within the current membership and to also refocus our energy on providing additional value-added services for the community. With that said, in the upcoming months we’re committing to:

📝 Updating talent profile pages with a sophisticated modern design to better visualize the skills, experience and projects of our talents. The new layout will bring the most important accomplishments forward so our talents can be more visible to potential clients.

👩‍💻Onboard a professional coach to work with our members and provide instant feedback on their presentation.

🤓 Continue organizing awesome knowledge sharing sessions, so that we can share with the rest of the world the expert knowledge and insights that our talents have obtained.

💻 Continue working with great companies to connect our members with top vetted projects.

We care about our freelance community: supporting, growing, and nurturing them for success. With that in mind, we believe this step will help us to better support our talents and provide everything they need to focus on what matters most for them - their work!

For freelancers that are looking forward to joining the CodeControl community - don’t be discouraged, we’ll be reopening the general application process soon. To be the first to hear from us, just leave your email here. And if you happen to know someone from the community - don’t hesitate to ask them for the referral invite.

We’re eager to see how our community will transform and we promise we’ll be welcoming more freelancers soon!


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