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CodeControl's Freelancer Handbook V2 is here! 🙌

We’re excited to announce the launch of the second edition of our CodeControl Freelancer Handbook. It’s our all-in-one guide on how to get started with freelancing. While our first edition gave you insights on what it takes to get started, our newest edition also includes practical resources and industry insights on how to succeed as a freelancer in 2020.

Freelance Handbook

State of Remote Work Survey

  • With the current global health pandemic forcing our society to be open to the idea of ‘remote-first’ working conditions, our handbook now includes findings from our first State of Remote Work Survey. We give you valuable insights as to how companies have been reacting and the potential long-term impacts on European businesses. Our handbook also offers expert insights on key freelancing topics like managing taxes as well as getting government support during the current pandemic.

Expert Insights & Testimonies

  • To paint a more realistic picture about freelancing, we also took the time to get real insights from some of our most experienced freelancers. Our guide now includes their testimonies and how they describe the clear benefits but also the challenges & key pieces of advice that they want to pass onto the next generation of freelancers.

CodeControl Products & Services

  • Embedded in various sections are also sneak peeks into the brand new products & services offered by CodeControl to our community of vetted freelancers. You’ll get a chance to have a preview of everything from our new CV editing tool to how we took the hassle and headache out of payments.

Handbook Sneak Peak

Our CodeControl Freelancer Handbook is a living document that is and will be growing with time and expertise - the more we learn, the larger our community grows and learns, the more insightful our handbook will be. Our intention is to share what we know for those looking to jump into freelancing so they can take a confident leap into their best professional self. The Future of Work is here and we hope you’re going to jump onboard!

Download the CodeControl Freelancer Handbook V2 now here. Already a freelancer and interested in joining the community? Apply directly at

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