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Virtual Lunch & Learn: Home Office Abroad – Legal Consequences

Many people are choosing to escape the city and work abroad in more pleasant locations due to the ongoing pandemic. To help freelancers in Germany better understand where they are liable to pay taxes and social securities, we were joined by Romy Graske, a Berlin-based lawyer in the field of business law. Romy works with expats, freelancers, and start-ups in the field of tax law, social security law, and labour migration, as well as a Legal Counsel for a Scale-up.

In her presentation, Romy illustrated her points using the example of both a person working as an employee and one as a freelancer, each living in Germany who move to Spain for different periods of time.

She explains in detail how to:

đź’µ Determine in which country one has their tax residency or which country has the right of taxation over your income.

🧾 Understand which Social Security Law is applicable to your case.

⚖️ Determine which contract law is applicable to your case.

Dive in the presentation below to find out more details.

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