Virtual Lunch & Learn is a series of virtual peer-exchange sessions for CodeControllers to share their knowledge and insights on tech and freelance topics.

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Making recommendations with Rust and Tensorflow

On Tuesday, March 23, we hosted another great session of the Virtual Lunch & Learn, where we had the pleasure to host Filip Bielejec who gave a broad overview of Recommendation Systems as well as provided a practical example of how Collaborative Filtering (CF) can be utilized to implement one of these engines.

Filip Bielejec is a freelance software engineer who’s been designing and building computer systems and programs in various applications for different industries. He has authored OpenSource software for geo-awareness in epidemiology, co-developed high-performance library for highly-parallel processors and worked on systems for navigation and map-data solutions as well as healthcare and insurance.

Check out the video below to learn:

  • ✨ How data-driven personalization can help you not only have one product but have one product for each of your users.
  • 🚀 How Netflix, Amazon and TikTok are utilizing recommendations systems to engage users and increase sales.
  • 💡 How to apply Collaborative Filtering (CF) - one of the algorithms utilized by the recommendations systems.

If you enjoyed Filip’s presentation, be sure to follow him on where he’s sharing his experience and useful tips and tricks on Clojure, Clojurescript, DevOps, Rust and Blockchain topics.

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