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Team Spotlight: Bao, Marketing Manager

Meet our team making things happen at CodeControl and our new freelancer platform 9am!

This time we’ve talked to Bao. As a Marketing Manager, she spreads the word about our 9am platform on all channels.

Hi Bao! Where are you from and where are you living now?

I grew up in Paris, lived in Berlin for 5 years, Barcelona for 2 years and am now in Seville, Spain for the last 3 years. 😎

How long have you been at CodeControl and what do you do here?

I started in October 2021 and I do everything marketing related as the Marketing Manager. I collaborate a lot with Marc, the sales, events, content and freelancer profile teams. My days include marketing strategy and operational projects such as email marketing, automated user flows and Google and Facebook ads. I also worked on the 9am website for the past year which I really enjoyed. I’ve learned a lot about what’s involved in a product launch and its early development with being able to start marketing from the beginning of 9am. After business school, I chose a focus and marketing is what I liked with being creative, working with people and the psychology and human behaviour aspects of it.

What were you doing before joining us?

I was building a campervan with my boyfriend which took about a year! Marc had contacted me on LinkedIn about the newly created role to have someone focused on marketing. My experience was specialized in CRM from working at Glovo, the food delivery app and I was able to expand my skill set at CodeControl, so it was a great opportunity. This summer we travelled in the campervan for 4.5 months while working and went around Spain, to the south of France, and north of Italy. I have unlimited data with my phone contract and it worked out well for the internet with phone tethering. What’s next for van travel? In May, we’ll go somewhere again and escape the hot summers here in Seville, so likely to the north.

How do you describe working at CodeControl?

Flexible. There is a lot of trust between everyone and we are trusted to do the work we need to do. It’s a small company so it’s more human centered which I really like as I worked in medium to large companies before. I like how we collaborate and I feel like we’re more open to everyone’s ideas no matter which team you’re in, compared to bigger companies where it’s more segmented. 👏

What do you like best about remote work?

Day to day life is prioritized so much easier with no commute and everything. My friends are spread out around the world too so I can visit them and of course can have the van life when I want. 🌞🚐

What is a day in your life like outside of work?

I have a very chill life when I’m in Seville, including eating out since food is my passion and trying new foods, watching movies, and going to art exhibitions. I tried painting and then sewing for a while but lost interest. Currently I’m into marker drawing. I don’t have any pets but I might get a cat and dog when I’m more settled. 😺🐶

Any book or podcast that you recommend?

I’m not a big reader but I love 1984 which I bought for travel and finished it in 2 days. Another great one is Just Kids by Patti Smith. I listen to French podcasts mainly and one about Asian culture called Banh Mi Podcast.

Is there an app that you really like or recommend?

Spotify! I think I spend more time with my headphones on than without, and music helps me work. 🎧🎶

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

Tokyo. My two brothers are living there so I’ve been there a few times. 🚅🍣

Where do you want to travel that you haven’t been to yet?

South Africa, New Zealand and South America! 🌎✈

Feel free to connect with Bao on LinkedIn or message her to ask about working with CodeControl!

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