Why remote work, works

At CodeControl, we know that remote work simply works—and we say that with years of successful remote collaboration under our belt. Here are the reasons why we strongly believe in this new way of working.

Remote work grants you the best tech talent, expanding the talent pool

The best developers, product managers, and designers out there are embracing the Future of Work - and if you want to attract them, you’ll have to do the same.

Talented tech professionals are continuously ditching their traditional day jobs for a more flexible and location-free career. They could be anywhere in the world, as long as there’s WiFi - and they’re not ready to let go of this freedom.

Remote work saves you costs

As an employer you will save costs in overhead such as office costs (real estate, furniture bills, housekeeping), timely HR costs (no need to invest in a recruiter, we do that for you), and all the costs associated with wasted employee time (freelancers only work when they are on the clock!).

Remote workers are more productive

By going remote, freelancers save themselves the hassle of commuting, are less distracted with onsite meetings and commotions, can schedule their working time to their strengths (not everyone works best 9 to 5) and are motivated by feeling in control. This creates happier employees who are more productive and engaged at work.

Remote work is as effective as ever with newer and better tools

Some of us may not remember the time we could work without Slack, Zoom, JIRA or Trello. Indeed, very sophisticated apps have bloomed in the last few years to allow for better, and intensified, remote working. Tech freelancers know these tools like the back of their hands. So much that established companies like Dribbble, Hotjar or Zapier are now known for running remotely.

Finally, offering remote work is a way of positioning yourself as a leader in the tech industry, ready to embrace the future of work like the best of us.

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