Viktor Nesterenko

Full-Stack Developer

Viktor is a software engineer with an extensive business background. He is a startup minded perfectionist with leadership experience. He is highly skilled at efficiently prototyping an application and converting proof of concept to production grade web apps. Viktor's main focus is to make the world a better place with his work and his hobbies include machine learning, artificial intelligence and traveling.

Poland, Gdansk
(Visual) FoxPro
Delphi/Object Pascal
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Expériences de projet et de travail

R&D Engineer

2018 - actuel

  • Pozitiff is a team of developers/devOps/designers/managers that teamed up to execute different projects
  • Lead a team of 4 developers
  • Face recognition service for CCTV security
  • Researching DL networks and implementing face recognition
  • Logging and Voice transforming streaming service
  • Technologies Python, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, OpenCV, Numpy, Baremetal servers (Nvidia GPUs)

Cofounder / R&D Engineer

2018 - actuel


  • Mynah is a research and development company exploring new voice recognition technologies
  • Researching and implementing Deep Learning algorithms
  • Voice to voice translation service to remove accents
  • Voice transforming and streaming service
  • Technologies Python, Tensorflow, Tensorpack, Google Cloud Compute Engine

Co founder / Head of Delivery

2017 - actuel


  • Bentify is a software development company
  • Work with clients to take them from an idea to prototyping
  • Lead a team of 13 developers in maintaining these projects
  • Technologies JavaScript (ES6), Python (2.7, 3.6), Node.js, PostgreSQL, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, AWS, Google Cloud

Senior Frontend Developer

2018 - actuel


  • Eurocontrol, is an international organisation working to achieve safe and seamless air traffic management across Europe
  • Data harvesting, pre-processing, implementation of predicting models
  • Transforming app prototyped in Angular 4 to React/Redux production grade web app
  • Created an app from scratch to predict how events will affect airlines in order to influence pricing
  • Technologies: React/Redux, Azure, Typescript, JavaScript (ES6/7)

Fullstack Senior Software Developer

2018 - 2018

Siemens Mobility via CodeControl

  • Siemens Mobility is a separately managed company of Siemens a German multinational conglomerate company
  • IoT devices performance monitoring & maintenance application
  • Created a dashboard that displayed the health of transport services and alerted maintenance workers in the case of a breakdown
  • Created a new MVP application with dashboards and ticketing system
  • Only team of many to create a finished working product for this project
  • Technologies: Node.js, React.js, Redux, GraphQL, MongoDB, Siemens Mindsphere, JavaScript (ES5)

Co-founder / Full Stack Developer

2017 - 2018

Clyp BV

  • Clyp BV is an eCommerce browser plugin for the Dutch market
  • Converting the client vision to a commercial product
  • Produced a browser plugin, admin app, advertiser app, website, and server/DBs
  • Technologies React/Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Machine Learning, Heroku, AWS S3, Mongo DB Atlas

Team Lead / Full Stack Developer

2016 - 2017

Yippie B. V.

  • Yippie! is a free browser add-on that supports online shopping
  • B2C & B2B e-commerce software development
  • Delivering new features detrimental to the product
  • Collecting requirements, writing user stories, managing product delivery flow
  • Bringing the product from prototype to a viable product
  • Technologies React/Redux, Node.js, MongoDB

Full Stack Developer

2015 - 2016

Blockchain Company

  • A platform that allows people to book a cleaner for their home or business
  • Customers included airports and large shopping centres who would hire up to 15,000 cleaners
  • Creation of a new blockchain-enabled platform for ADG Netherlands
  • Created automated SMS systems to alert customers to any change in their services
  • Technologies Meteor.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Solidity Web3.js, Docker
  • Received government funding for this project to support older people

Node.js Tech Lead

2015 - 2015

LvivSoft Ltd.

  • LvivSoft is a Ukrainian IT Company that provides custom software development and IT consulting services
  • Integration of external API providers to IoT system such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote and 20 other hardware devices
  • Technologies Node.js, Redis, DynamoDB


2014 - 2015

Media Atlantis Group Inc.

  • Atlantis Group is an all inclusive audio recording and post-production studio
  • eCommerce web development and customization
  • Technologies PHP5, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Prestashop v1.6


2009 - 2013

Ukrainian Railways

  • Ukrainian Railways is a state-owned enterprise of rail transport in Ukraine
  • Responsible for the development of a GPS tracking & light management system service
  • Reverse engineering GPS trackers
  • Technologies Java EE, MySQL, AWS EC2, Ubuntu Instances

Formation et certification

Bachelor, Enterprise management

2003 - 2007

Kirovograd State Tech University



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Native or bilingual


Full Professional






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